ADF Team

Steering Committee

Jenny Do Producer, Artistic Director and Designer

Dan Do, Producer and Writer

Steve Yamaguma, Director of Operations, Marketing Director

Jenn Chung, Model, ADF Ambassador, Youth Coordinator

Teresa Hoang, Dance and Production Choreographer

Uyenthy Nguyen Steinert, Program Coordinator

Nam Quang Tran, Music Director

Holly Hue Chau, Model trainer and Designer Coordinator

Michel Lopez, Auction and IT Coordinator

Lillian Dang, Sponsorship Chair

Vy Dinh, Model and Volunteer Coordinator

Laura PhanTicket Committee Chair

Committee Members

Phu Gia Ho, Head of Security

Kelly La, Lobby Coordinator

Caroline Valerde, Art Exhibit Docent

Jason Jao, Photography Coordinator

Craig Hosoda, AV – engineeer

CIndy Phan, Marketing, Sponsorship

Trung Tran, Marketing Committee

Trami Nguyen Cron, Narrator

Tony Luong, Marketing Committee

Jet Duong, Narrator

Alynn Nguyen, Ballroom

Garrett DangVolunteer Production Coordinator

Angelie Do, operations assistant

Jade Tran, Narrator

Olivia O’Reilly, Operations Assistant

Nancy Avila, Marketing Committee


Hai Ho Chris Nguyen Mario Vera Hoa Truong
Cuong Au Paul Le Kevin Nguyen Daniel Pham
Rick Squires Diana Thai Cuong Tran Ed Efira


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